Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Success! Press Release and Images for The Big Nude Pinhole Shoot at the Rotunda

For Immediate Release:

09 18 12

Local photographer dares big-time fail; receives audience ovation.

Possibly the largest figure tableau ever created using pinhole photography and light painting happened Monday night, in West Philadelphia as part of the Philadelphia Fringe. RA Friedman, working with fifteen brave volunteers and two talented assistants, filled The Rotunda performance space at 40th and Walnut with nude bodies and then captured the scene using primitive analog technology—a camera that takes Polaroid style film that is little more than a box with a tiny hole cut in the front. Friedman has been refining his self-invented technique since 2010 and received Kickstarter funding to do this first large-scale shoot. The shot was first set up with people clothed (bottom image) and then social armor was shed as people bared it all for the camera’s unblinking eye (top image). 

Says Friedman: “I really did not expect the hearty round of applause from the event-goers after I passed around the second, and final, nude group shot. This kind of work can’t happen alone. One needs a great crew, excellent collaborators and people who enthusiastically support the project. Really, the kudos should go to the subjects for taking the risk and generously giving their best energies.”

Each who attended the event paid $20 to get a copy of the final image and be enfolded into Friedman’s work, as they became both audience member and nude model. Friedman has a New York City shoot planned to happen in the next few months and is already scouting possible locations and planning fundraising. Art and photography enthusiasts can check out Friedman’s work through Sept. 30th at Ven and Vaida, 18 S. 3rd Street in Philadelphia. Six large figure and nude pinhole works are on view, as well as other pieces from the photographer’s edgy endeavors. Hours are Tues-Sat 11-7 and Sunday 11-5.   

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last Minute Sign Ups/ All Is On Schedule

I will be at Coffee Bar on Sunday, Sept 16th from 4 to about 5 pm for people who were not able to meet with me previously. I will bring the paper work and you will need to bring either $20 cash or a check.  Coffee Bar is located on the Northwest corner of 17th and Locust in the Radisson. 

Preparations for the shoot are on schedule. I will be at the Rotunda starting at 5 pm on Monday to set up. I will be reachable by text or phone, but not email. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Info: The Big Nude Pinhole Shoot at the Rotunda

Welcome! The info. you need is below. I apologize in advance that it's so involved and detailed, but I assure you your participation will be more  than worth your time and energy, which is very much appreciated.

Please check here for any updates/changes prior to the shoot. You can also call or text RA Friedman: 267 240 3527.  Email: (Frequently offline, including weekends.)

The Rotunda is located at 4014 Walnut Street, just above the Penn campus. It is easily reached by public transportation.

The shoot is Monday, Sept. 17th from 8pm to approx 11pm.
Please be there promptly at 8.

Sign up will take place at Ven and Vaida, 18 S. 3rd St., on Friday, Sept 7th from 6-10 pm and also Tuesday, Sept. 11, from 7-10 pm. If you can't make either of these times, shoot me an email. I'm in West Philly or Center City and can break free to meet at a neaby cafe.  My email is 

Only those who have signed up, had a brief orientation, and paid the $20 fee per person ahead of time will be admitted. Sunday, Sept 16th is the cut-off. There will be no onlookers, or persons not directly involved with the shoot or The Rotunda allowed in the building. Please make arrangements for childcare, etc. The Bridge movie theatre is next door and there are other Fringe events going on for non-participants to attend. Dip in and enjoy!

The $20 fee is to offset Fringe participation fees, space rental, and materials.

A model release is required which allows the image to be used commercially. It might be published as an editorial image, appear online or hang in a gallery. The photos are generally very soft focus and are generally far from likenesses. Still, you may elect to not face the camera. It is my policy not to publicize the identity of the models but you will be putting an image of your nude body “out there,” so consider accordingly. Please be aware too that you are going to be in a large space in near-darkness, nude, still, silent, and in close proximity to other unclothed humans for extended intervals of time.

Bring a bathrobe or something you can put on and take off easily.  Some kind of slip-on footwear is probably also a good idea too.

Although I (RA Friedman) have done much test shooting, this is the first time working in this size space with a large group of unclothed people. The shoot is scheduled from 8-11 pm.  The goal is to compose and shoot two large figure arrangements and if time permits, some smaller groupings and individual figures.

It takes about one-two minutes to paint each person with light. The total exposure may take up to fifteen minutes during which you will need to hold as still as is practical.

Please, turn off your phone’s ringer, text-notification, etc. We will take a short break at about the midpoint, but please let people know that you are not reachable during the duration of the shoot. You can leave RA’s number to call in case of dire emergency: 267 240 3527.

Production of the final archival print can take a few months and may even involve some re-shooting in the space. We will post updates on the Stand in the Light project page on Kickstarter, and will email to the address you give as well.

Your cooperation, energy and patience are key to making the shoot a success by becoming, with me, an interlinked ring of artistic collaborators. I believe you will find the experience creative, challenging, rewarding and fun.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns prior to the shoot.

Thank you for participating!