Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Success! Press Release and Images for The Big Nude Pinhole Shoot at the Rotunda

For Immediate Release:

09 18 12

Local photographer dares big-time fail; receives audience ovation.

Possibly the largest figure tableau ever created using pinhole photography and light painting happened Monday night, in West Philadelphia as part of the Philadelphia Fringe. RA Friedman, working with fifteen brave volunteers and two talented assistants, filled The Rotunda performance space at 40th and Walnut with nude bodies and then captured the scene using primitive analog technology—a camera that takes Polaroid style film that is little more than a box with a tiny hole cut in the front. Friedman has been refining his self-invented technique since 2010 and received Kickstarter funding to do this first large-scale shoot. The shot was first set up with people clothed (bottom image) and then social armor was shed as people bared it all for the camera’s unblinking eye (top image). 

Says Friedman: “I really did not expect the hearty round of applause from the event-goers after I passed around the second, and final, nude group shot. This kind of work can’t happen alone. One needs a great crew, excellent collaborators and people who enthusiastically support the project. Really, the kudos should go to the subjects for taking the risk and generously giving their best energies.”

Each who attended the event paid $20 to get a copy of the final image and be enfolded into Friedman’s work, as they became both audience member and nude model. Friedman has a New York City shoot planned to happen in the next few months and is already scouting possible locations and planning fundraising. Art and photography enthusiasts can check out Friedman’s work through Sept. 30th at Ven and Vaida, 18 S. 3rd Street in Philadelphia. Six large figure and nude pinhole works are on view, as well as other pieces from the photographer’s edgy endeavors. Hours are Tues-Sat 11-7 and Sunday 11-5.   


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    1. It looks amazing RA! I was so pleased to be a model for you. It was a great experience. --- Joey Blue aka Joseph Van Hoesen

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