Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Week of 12/24/2012: South Philadelphia Rambles

1800 Block of Iseminger Street, South Philadelphia:

Odd empty spaces, Philly has many, especially between buildings; neglected accesses where time seems to stand still. Often, these spots appear drab and undistinguished. I like to think they are simply waiting ever-patiently for the right light and atmosphere so they can, at last, reveal their stories.

The day I shot this was a long, fantastic jaunt in the urban landscape yielding many images where the power of nature seemed to be smiling down on me.  I revel in such good fortune but don’t count on such luck, making mental notes of places I need to check out again. This will definitely be a spot to revisit.

Camera:    Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2, Olympus Digital Micro 4/3 14-42 zoom.
Exp:          ISO 200 @f14, shutter speed, not recorded, approximately 2 stops under meter.
File size:   11” x 16” @240 dpi
Proofed:    Epson 3880 on Moab Lasal 235 Paper
Other:       Slight perspective correction and cropping as well as contrast/value
 adjustments and conversion to b&w in Photoshop; much masking done by hand.        

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