Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week of 03/04/2013: More Window Thinking

Location: 22nd near South, Philadelphia
Size: 9” x 13.5” @240 dpi
Camera: Canonet QL17
Lens: Canon 40mm,  f1.7
Film: Tri-X 35mm rated at ISO 200
Exposure: Automatic, not recorded
Develop: HC110 1:49 6.5 min
Scan: Epson V500
Proof: Epson 3880 w/Quadtone Rip

I’m slowly catching up with developing film. I don’t like having a backlog and I’m not an advocate of waiting a long stretch of time before the film becomes a photograph as a way of maintaining objectivity. Sometimes that roll that’s been sitting around can yield some pleasant surprises and puzzlements such as “What was I thinking?” The timing couldn't have been better since a whole slew of window shots will be showing at Frame Fatale in April. (Stay tuned!) This shot, I’m pretty sure was from back in October or possibly the summer. Already that feels like ancient history. 

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