Tuesday, April 16, 2013

04 15 2013

Location: Pine Street, Antique Row
Image Size: 11.5” x 17”
Camera: Nikon F100
Lens: 35-70 f3.5 zoom
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Develop: Colourworks, Wilmington, De
Scan: Epson V500
Proof at full size: Epson 3880/ Piezo K7 Inks/ Moab Lasal

This print hangs via magnets on my steel-clad kitchen door. Enlarged onto 13 x 19 paper, it visually fills the space.  If only my audience could teleport into my studio! The Internet is really an impoverished place to view photography. Most peoples’ monitors are inaccurate and clip the tonal range of photographs, often at both ends, the dark and the light tones. Given that nowadays people browse and view their email on tiny phones, it’s even more the case. The depth of a fine print gets lost and becomes a flat pattern. No wonder that digital photography, that often looks flattened is now the accepted norm and prints which look like they were made at the corner CVS have been known to adorn gallery walls.

Bottom line: Forgo the easy route that demands little and delivers even less; go see photographic prints in person. I want to thank all those who did just that this last Saturday and came to the opening at Frame Fatale. That a number of the works also became part of your personal collections thrills me. It makes the long hours and dealing with the temperamental Philadelphia weather all the more worth it. Your support is vital. In case you could not attend, the full complement of works is up through May.

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