Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My New York City (Photo) Marathon

Photos here: Just click!

Who: Tsirkus, Liz from Design Glut, Gemini and Scorpio.
What: Amazing late night Halloween Party--Masquerade Macabre
Where: The far east end of Bergen Street, Brooklyn--Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary.
Why: Because to have missed this adventure would have been a pity.
How: You want us to give away all our secrets?
Small Miracle: Every negative made it home safely and dried nicely.
Trivia: All the equipment was wheeled over city streets from 66th and Broadway to 86 Allen Street in Manhattan on the return trip in order to avoid the NYC subway crush. Mapquest shows this as 4.91 miles.
Time taken to scan all negatives: 5.5 hours
Time to edit: ?? It's a work in progress. This is a first, having this many images to refine. Images will be added as they are edited. If you don't see your shot, stay tuned!

This was a real adrenaline rush requiring no caffeine to keep awake. Forty three frames were shot over the course of four hours at a high-energy, music filled bash in the wilds of Brooklyn.
(By way of accounting, 3 were misfires, 3 were gratis. for a total of 37 paid shots.)

RA Friedman, Principal Photographer

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