Tuesday, February 5, 2013

02 04 2013: The Space In-Between

Location: 22nd and Pine Street vicinity
Camera: Superheadz Black Slim Devil
Lens: Superfat 22mm, plastic, most likely a doublet.
Exposure: f8@ 1/125 approx
Film: Tri-X 35mm
Develop: HCll0 1:49, 6.5min at 68F
Scan: Epson V500
Proof: Epson 3880 on Canon Photo Glossy II

This shot was in many ways un-meditated. I had framed the scene zooming out to 35mm and it just didn't seem to cut it. Though I could tell the light was far from optimal for a toy camera with a slow lens and high shutter speed, I took a chance.  What happens at the point of capture is fairly incomprehensible and, as I’ve found, like lightening, it rarely strikes twice in the same place. The moments captured by the camera are not just optical phenomena. I’m not even sure exactly where this was taken, but chances are I won’t get to re-shoot. It’s the fine surprises, like this one, when the unconscious and the capture device have entered into cahoots, which keep me shooting day in and day out and walking miles in the cold. 

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