Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week of 02/11/2013: The Last of Ortlieb's Brewery

Location: Site of former Orlieb’s Brewery, near 3rd and American Streets.
Camera: Superheadz Black Slim Devil
Lens: 22mm
Film: Tri-X
Develop: HCll0 1:49 for 200 ISO rating-6.5 minutes
Scan: Epson V500
Proof: Epson 3880 using Quad-Tone Rip*
Paper: Canon Pixma II Gloss for proof, Museo Silver Rag for final.

Part of the mysterious power that the urban landscape possesses for the camera is that it is ephemeral and ever changing. I knew this site would soon be seeing the wrecker’s ball to remove the last structures, so back in October I got my licks in. Desolate spots hold for me a special photographic appeal and there was nary a soul around.

*Quad-Tone Rip is a program I’m really enjoying. It controls the printer directly for black and white printing and allows the user to bypass all the mumbo-jumbo of the Epson print procedure. Common printer profiles are built in, others you can create them. (Something, which I haven’t done as yet.)  The software will work with conventional Epson cartridges but it was designed for Cone Piezographic (archival carbon) inks, something that I am planning on setting up in the near future. 

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