Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week of 06/24/2013

“I Expect Nothing…”

Location: 2nd near Chestnut
File Size: 11 x 16 @300 dpi
Camera: Nikon Ftn
Lens: Nikkor 105 f2.8
Film: Tri-X, ISO 200
Develop: HC110 1:49 6.5 mins @68F
Scan Epson V500
Printer: Epson 3880/ Piezographic Inks
Proof: Cone #5 Baryta Paper

This shot was taken back in April. I guess it’s my theatre background; the wall and the poster felt like an excellent backdrop. I waited across the street, camera to my eye, set and ready.    

I didn’t realize that the person captured had a camera until I printed it. BTW, you should never carry your camera casually hanging down by your feet as if you prepared to hurl it at Goliath. Better to keep it in your bag or with the strap wrapped around your wrist while gripping the camera and letting your arm extend naturally by your side.  That way the instrument is easily brought up to your eye and you’re not likely to let it slam into anything. The other advantage is the camera is not nearly as noticeable as it is hanging it around your neck.

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