Wednesday, July 3, 2013

07 01 13 Intersections

Location: Woodland Cemetery, Phila.
Image Size: 11.5” x 15”
Camera: Panasonic Lumix G2
Lens: 14-42 ED
ISO: 200
Print: Epson 3880/ Quadtone
Rip/Piezographic Inks/Moab Lasal

I arrived about twenty minutes prior to the five PM closing time, so I really had to move on this one. Luckily, this was my second attempt at this shot, so I went right to it. I took a medium format capture as well on T-Max using a Rolleiflex which I will post when the film is developed.

The first go round the sky was fairly dull and blank and I also had too much going on in the frame. I needed to get closer. Cemeteries are difficult to photograph since statuary seductive subject matter and it’s very easy to go astray in the visual splendor, but ultimately come up short.   

Although the tract where the cemetery stands dates to the 1800’s, the march of technology exhales its hot breathe nearby. The bucolic funerary park abuts the train tracks and the smoke/vapor you see rising in the background is the Dupont plant on upper Grays Ferry Avenue; a plethora of overhead wires cuts the sky.  

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