Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week of 11/11/2013 Divagations on a Deux Chevaux

Location: Near 16th and Spruce
Camera: Argoflex ca. late 40's)
Lens: Varex Anastigmat,75mm, f4.5
Print size: 11.5 x 11.5” @1880 dpi
File size: 30” x 30” @240 dpi
Film: Agfa APX 100 re-spooled to 620, 2010 Expiration
Develop: HC110 1:49, 9min @68F
Scan: Epson V500
Print: Epson Artisan 1430/ Media Street ECR Inks/ Moab Lasal

This full-frame shot was probably done around 2011. I’m getting better about developing film in a timely manner, but this was part of a rather large backlog that I’ve been slowly denting. I had recently shot some more of this very old (2005) APX film in the studio using my old Rolleiflex and fairly careful metering using a digital camera to measure the exposure. I mainly wanted to see if I could hit the right developing time for the odd, but convenient developer dilution I use. I think I’m in the ballpark but it was clear the negatives were not consistently exposed; some were extremely dense, others thin.  This negative was dense in the light areas, about right in the mid-tones and somewhat thin in the dark areas, definitely a challenge!  The image was just quirky enough, to convince me to go ahead and see what might unfold. 

The Cone pigment inks seemed to have been clogging the print head, so I flushed everything and temporarily went back to my old Media Street dye inks.

The Argoflex is an estimable camera especially considering that a non-overhauled one goes for about $25 on e-Bay. The lens is fairly sharp lens and has a nice bokeh. It’s smaller than most twin lens cameras and somewhat lighter as well; a great way to try one’s hand at medium format photography on the cheap.  

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