Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week of 11/18/13

Location:  Broad and Tasker Streets
Camera:   Panasonic Lumix G2
Lens: Olympus 14-42 ED
File size and print size: 10” x 15” @240 dpi
Print: Epson Artison 1430/Cone Color Inks/Moab Lasal

It had started out as a bright and sunny day, but had quietly transformed into a gray afternoon. The section of Pennsport and South Philly I had trekked turned up little; even the junk shop I had photographed a scant few weeks ago, I could not locate again. All I seemed to encounter were row upon row of well-maintained homes. On Delaware Avenue one feels as if one is standing on the precipice looking down on the end of humanity. If I ever figure out how to squeeze that into a photograph, I’ll really have something!

I think of the photography more as a journey than a destination. I don’t worry if my travels yield no photographs. The images always seem to find me. Lo and behold at Broad and Tasker I spotted an empty store that beckoned me. This was another case of barely remembering taking the shot, except that I recall repositioning my left hand to get a better composition and then the second figure appeared in the background and I hit the shutter.  The man in profile is like a specter from the days of The Rat Pack. It was not until I got home and brought up the file that I noticed that the reflection was the same man I remember noticing shortly afterward. He had trucked past me as I made my way home.

The print required a lot of time to let me know what it needed, to find its pictorial structure. There were twenty-two iterations.

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